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This is a log of some of the significant activity and milestones in the life of the project.




27 February 2021
Initial version of the PBWorks wiki set up to assist communication between the Steering Group and start to flesh out some content for the actual website we plan to build.
16 May 2021 Lloyds Bank confirm our application is complete and has been passed on to their New Customer Support Team for review; assuming no problems are identified, we should receive confirmation and the account details within 4 weeks (by 13 June). If we need to contact them, we can call the bank on 0345 304 3546 and quote the reference number [OB-RBB-711897].
16 June 2021 Lloyds Bank have sent all the cards and readers to Paul, for some reason, despite being given the home address of each individual.  But we have an account, and also access to it.  Progress!
14 July 2021 We have received a donation of £50, so we can purchase the domain and look at setting up a website.
19 July 2021 We have just purchased the domain just-human.net for 2 years, and just-human.uk  for 1 year as a backup in case there are objections to a .net domain.
31 July 2021 The Ning site is now available, initially on a free 2 week trial, not yet linked to our domain, but £22 per month after that.  The site is: https://justhuman.ning.com



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