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About Us

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About Us

This community springs from some initial ideas outlined by Paul Hazelden, and then developed by a Steering Group.  This group has some obvious issues concerning its diversity, so we are seeking to recruit a Reference Group of people who have a greater experience of diversity and are willing to offer us their advice.  If you would like to offer to be part of the Steering Group or Reference Group, or support this project in some other way, (for now) please contact us using the Contact Form on the Local Friends web site.


The plan is that once we have a sufficiently large active community, there will be opportunity for the community to participate in choosing the Steering Group members.  Until then, we are very happy to receive feedback about the community and ideas for the future.


For now, Just Human? can be understood as a social enterprise which seeks to run along similar (or maybe parallel) lines to 10Pines, an Argentine software company with a groundbreaking structure and corporate ethos.  (For an introduction to the company, have a look at the BBC article about it.)  The BIGS Model for decision making, as described by Semco Style Institute fits this approach well.


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