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The original suggested name for this project was 'Kingdom People, Big Questions', but that did not gather much support.  Neither did 'Kingdom People, Just Society'.


After some discussion, twelve possible names were identified.  In no particular order ...

  • Strange & Wonderful   This world is a strange and wonderful place, even if at times we find it to be dark and difficult.
  • Just Human?   Two meanings here - are we only human?  And are we humans acting justly?
  • Us and Us   As opposed to 'Us and Them'.
  • Not Just Us - or maybe NotJustUs   We would like you to join us, we can't do it on our own; and what we see when we look at the world is not justice; but it is probably not helpful for our identity to be shaped around what we are not.
  • Kingdom People   We identify as people whose primary allegiance is to another Kingdom - the truth, and the human race, are more important than our personal or our national interests. 
  • Big Questions    We seek to ask the big, important questions we face, and we seek where possible to identify the best answers which we can act on.
  • Just Society   What we are seeking to build.
  • Philonouths   A made-up word meaning 'Lovers of understanding', a less challenging but more practical alternative to being philosophers (or 'Lovers of wisdom').
  • Things That Matter   What we really want to do is to enable people to talk about the things that matter to them - honestly, clearly and constructively.
  • Considered Community   A community where things are considered
  • Reason for Change   We want to use reason as we seek to make the world a better place
  • Community Matters   Using 'matters' to mean both "things about" and also "it's important"


We don't have to stick with just one name: many groups have two - the legal name (the one on the bank account) and the trading name (the one on the website).  And, of course, the domain name is likely to be slightly different again.  Also, having two names would give a bit more flexibility for the future: if there is only one project, the one name refers to everything, but if at some point we (or, possibly, some of us) want to set up a related project, then it becomes helpful to distinguish between the organization and the projects.

What we are looking for in a name:

  • sound inclusive
  • not be confusing
  • easy to explain
  • not off putting
  • not alienating (e.g. sounding too high brow)
  • be easy to remember
  • be original and creative
  • signal the groups aims
  • be good for branding on the web etc (as already said the legal name need not be the same) 


We took a vote, and Just Human? won.  But it's not a clear victory, so the choice is a provisional one: it can serve as the legal name, and when we are further down the road and have a larger group of people involved, we can re-run the name question and see if something more suitable stands out.


The votes for the names went as follows.

Big Questions 2
Community Matters 9
Considered Community 4
Just Human? 19
Just Society 2
Kingdom People 3
Not Just Us 7
Philonouths 0
Reason for Change 6
Strange & Wonderful 3
Things That Matter 11
Us and Us 4



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