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We will need to subscribe to (pay for) some online payment facility by the time the site goes live.


Identifying the options:


The options include:


We are also aware of:

  • Open Collective (http://opencollective.com): we probably can’t use this, as it allows anonymous donations and we need to know who is contributing.  And it is American, which creates data protection problems.



These are the options we have considered for building the public website.

  • Disciple (https://www.disciplemedia.com/): from £45 pcm.  It is expensive, and does not appear to provide the functionality we require.
  • Ionos: (https://www.ionos.co.uk) £25 pcm plus vat.
  • Fasthosts: (https://www.fasthosts.co.uk) £15 pcm, but maximum of 100 pages
  • Ning (http://ning.com): from £18 pcm.  This seems to be the most interesting to explore further; it has been designed from the outset to handle financial transactions.
  • SquareSpace (https://www.squarespace.com): from £20 pcm.
  • Tribe (https://tribe.so/): from £0 pcm, but there is probably no financial integration.  Not appropriate: it functions as a Single Sign-On, for use by a large corporate organisation.
  • Wix (https://www.wix.com/): from £16 pcm.  Probably the second most interesting possibility.  They provide the facility for financial transactions and don’t charge commission.
  • Wordpress (https://wordpress.com/): from £20 pcm.  It is old and creaking, the user interface is unfriendly and inconsistent, and upgrades sometimes depreciate useful features.  A Wordpress user recommends the ‘Formidable’ extension, the cheapest version of which is $50 per year.

In addition to the quoted ‘from’ price we can expect to pay extra for essential extras, like scheduled backup.



What do we require a website to provide?

  • Paid membership
  • Automated membership signup and fee payment
  • Flexible creation of groups to enable members to connect around specific issues or topics 
  • Public access, but content creation and comments restricted to members
  • The usual formatting options for content
  • Easy internal link creation
  • Automated backups
  • Effective tagging system for content
  • Give content creators control over their content
  • Link all content back to its creator 
  • Control over the user interface
  • Facility to export the site content
  • Maintained platform with active and supportive user community



Internal Communication

Before we set up the public website, it is useful to have an online tool to help the steering group communicate, share ideas and work on documents together.  These are the options we have considered.

We went for PBWorks, as the product Brian and Paul were most familiar with.





In the Lloyds application, this is the current description of the association:

My association will provide a moderated website as the basis for an online community where people can discuss issues they care about and establish the most appropriate responses for them.


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