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Home Page

(This is the Home Page of the website mockup: a first-cut prototype of the material we want to see in the live site, without any of the design and user interface.  The idea is to gain a reasonably clear idea of what it is we want a user interface to help people use and navigate around, so we can then implement a design which works.)


We are in the process of building the next generation of website at just-human.net.  Not all the content has been migrated across yet, but there is new content which was never added to this site.  Sorry for the (temporary) confusion!




Welcome to Just Human?  (Our provisional name)


Some of us have found it is hard to have a constructive conversation on the Internet.  What are the options?

  • One approach is to post your ideas on an open site, where you can say almost anything, but it is then subject to complete strangers telling you the question is stupid, that you are a bad person for asking it, and sidetracking the discussion with their own issues and concerns.
  • A second approach is to post your ideas on a closed site, set up to cater for a particular idea or group: the conversation is more likely to stay on track, but you are limited in the views you are allowed to express, and limited in the people you can gain responses from.
  • We want to explore a third approach: a closed group, open to anyone but not open to anonymous contributions; restricted not by commitment to a belief or a goal, but by a commitment to truth and a few shared values.


We work with people who are different from us to explore ideas with the aim of making the world a better place.  So this is, in brief:

  • a call to action;
  • a call to think; and
  • a call to link the two together.




We aim to create a community where people can thrive, so our actions can increasingly be an authentic expression of our most important beliefs and values.

  • Create.  We want to attract the participation of people who:
    • are seeking to grow as individuals;
    • are seeking to help build a better world for everyone; and
    • are seeking to connect beliefs and actions.
  • Community.  We offer a community where:
    • you can explore the questions which are important to you and seek to deepen your understanding of yourself, of society and of reality in general;
    • you can share any views you like (within the obvious limits, of course); and
    • you can have your ideas explored and tested by people who, like you, want to understand better so they can live better. 
  • Thrive.  We believe that we thrive:
    • when we love other people and belong to a community where we are known and loved;
    • when our actions connect with our beliefs; and
    • when our beliefs connect with reality.


We cannot tell you what to do - and we would not want to, anyway.  But we can share with each other the best ways we have found to make the world a better place - both where we are and globally.  We can't solve the world's problems but, equally well, we can't just sit back and hope someone else does it for us: we choose to play the part we are each capable of.  And we seek to become increasingly better informed about the challenges we face, and the best ways of responding to them.


(You can find other ways of describing our aims here.)



A Personal Note

When I first started going to the pub, a friend gave me some important advice: "You can talk about anything you like, apart from sex, religion and politics."  People care deeply about those three subjects, so they produce strong feelings.  What was not said, of course, is that you can't expect people to be capable of remaining friendly when they disagree about things they care deeply about.  But, over the years, I have found it is possible for people to care deeply and also disagree well; when we do, we often learn and grow in ways which are not possible when you only talk about 'safe' subjects and with those who agree with you.  I want to learn and grow and, it turns out, so do many others.  Welcome!




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Brian Monahan said

at 5:54 pm on Apr 9, 2021

Excellent work, Paul.

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