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The core 'overview' documents.

  • KP_Why.pd    A 2-page description of why this project is needed.
  • KP_Summary_v1.pdf   A 2-page summary of the project, which possibly doesn't yet spell out all the key points in enough detail to act as an introduction.
  • KP_Offering.pdf   An expansion of the Summary, which seeks to unpack all the key ideas in sufficient detail to get us started. 
  • KP_Plan.pdf   A draft plan (which is already out of date), the main point of which is to provide a plausible set of steps from initial concept to a reasonably robust implementation. 



Documents with some additional information about specific areas.

  • KP_Together4Bristol.pdf   How Kingdom People relates to the wider Together4Bristol activity.
  • Towards a socially constructive online community+22ndFeb2021.pdf   Brian's paper, looking at some of the online implementation details.  One comment: the current plan is to invite people to join either or both of the two groups.  As I see it, membership of either group does not mean that you sign up to the assumptions, only that you agree to function within the relevant framework.  But this is a detail we can discuss.
  • KP_Expectations.pdf    An initial attempt to express some ground rules for the site.



Documents which have been circulated, but no longer need to be maintained.

  • KP_Some_Initial_Thoughts.pdf   The first document circulated, sketching out the ideas and proposed scope of the project.  I believe that all the material here is found, either reproduced or revised, in the Offering - but if you spot anything missing, do say.
  • KP_Technology.pdf   A summary of the technical choices being considered.  (But an updated version of the material is here: Technology)
  • KP_Name.pdf   Some background for the initial discussion about names.




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