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This wiki is a temporary tool.  It is primarily to help the steering group discuss the project, share ideas and suggest alternatives.  If you want to explore the draft web site content, please go straight to the Home page.


We are in the process of building the next generation of website at just-human.net.  Not all the content has been migrated across yet, but there is new content which was never added to this site.  Sorry for the (temporary) confusion!


The main administrative pages are:


As with any wiki, only registered users can make changes to these pages, add new pages, upload documents, etc.  if you would like to contribute in some way, please get in touch - see the About Us page for details if you aren't sure how.  All changes are remembered, so don't worry about making changes because they can be undone if required. 


Brian is exploring ideas about 'Socially Constructive Online Communities' in a related wiki, which will feed into the implementation of this project.


How to Use This Site

You can find links to the main pages on the common page header or you can use the 'Navigator' window on the right of each page.  Click on 'Edit' just above the page name to make changes to the page text.  Please make Improvements to the current text on the page, rather than in comments - comments tend to get lost after a while, and they may not make sense once the text has been changed.  It probably helps communication if you identify suggested changes until everybody has had a chance to see and consider them.  So, for example,

"Everybody will choose an option"

might be changed to

"Everybody will (Paul: I prefer 'may') choose an option"

which, if everybody agrees, would then end up as

"Everybody may choose an option"


On the other hand, if you would like to suggest a completely or significantly different text, it's probably clearer to provide the new alternative alongside the original, so people can compare them.


We don't get much control over the formatting of this wiki (I think the paid option gives more control) but the content is entirely up to us.  If the interface is not obvious, you can get answers several ways:

  • examples and advice from the PBworks educator community
  • instructions from The PBworks Manual 
  • some email support is available if you click the help link at the top of the page (top right, next to 'log out')
  • or just ask Paul!


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